The GMBOS application, leader in telemetry,

provides the most advanced, universal, intuitive and accessible solution for vending machines


Our new telemetry system GMBOS 4.0 for vending and dispensing machines leads the industry in terms of functionality and technology.

The advancements  bring together all your needs in one place such as, online content, sales, purchasing, inventory, financial management, online planogram reviews and more. GMBOS can be easily tailored to your business needs.

Whats new:

· Intelligent information processing ·

· Reorganisation of contents, more practical and accessible ·

· User friendly and improved layout with guided steps for each process ·

The most innovative dispensing machine on the market that adapts to different sectors



  • Versatile dispensing in sizes and shapes
  • Touch screen with full HD image display
  • Avant-garde and integrating aesthetics
  • GMBOS software (consumption control and stock optimisation, data in the cloud, traceability...)

New generation of tobacco machines


The perfect combination of elegance, technology and avant-garde.

Compact, slick, stylish and a versatile solution that incorporates all the attributes of our best selling smart gantries and more.

Because each sector is unique, we identify the needs of our customers by offering innovative, quality and exclusive solutions.


Our objective


With more than 25 years of experience, our aim is to renew and evolve with you. Because your needs are our needs and because we like to work together, we are always looking for viable solutions to increase your profitability and provide you with an excellent service.