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GM Global Solutions offers a range of unattended point of sale terminals for the sale of phone top-ups and other transaction products.

The Global Touch terminal offers the following advantages:

  • Guarantees the collection of payment for each transaction.
  • Increases the flow of consumers to the business establishment, and offers the top-up service to regular customers.
  • Prevents mistakes, as the user independently performs the top-up process
  • Respects the privacy of the user’s number
  • Saves time for the sales assistant and prevents queues at the checkout.
  • Wide range of products that are permanently updated online
  • Management website to control transactions and cash-ups
  • Operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Connection via ADSL or GPRS

The vending terminal makes it possible to enter new products or services quickly and easily, while it can also be used to dynamically enter advertising or promotional messages. Advertising is downloaded through the USB drive or ADSL, or by connecting to a permanent website. Advertising can be in photo or video format.




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