GM Vending becomes GM Global Solutions

With more than 20 years’ experience in the sector, the company has revamped, evolved and now débuts at Vendibérica with a new brand and new solutions.
Pamplona, 18 September. GM Vending, specialising in the design and manufacture of vending machines, is present at Vendibérica under its new name: GM Global Solutions. The new brand which, from now onwards, will identify the company on the market. A change of name and corporate image, accompanied by new solutions that are to be showcased at this International Vending Fair.

In order to remain in its leading position at the forefront of technology, offering a whole range of POS automation solutions, the company is launching its new brand: GM Global Solutions, as an example of an innovative company, in the vanguard of the sector and focussed on enhancing the customer’s experience and covering all customer needs.

Over the last few years, GM Vending, now GM Global Solutions, has restructured its business model and reaffirmed its commitment to digital innovation, allowing the company to evolve and to provide its own distinctive added value, thereby differentiating it in a sector as competitive as the automatic vending machine sector.

After more than 20 years with a product-oriented model, principally since it first started out with cigarette machines, the company has taken the decision to definitively bet on the diversificationy and searching ofto seek global solutions that will allow the point of sale to enhance the quality of service offered customers, for increased profitability and optimised processes. In this way, the company has turned towards a business model focussed on offering a complete service, a decision involving a complete structural change and a change in focus. The development of its GMBOS platform, a new telemetry system for automatic vending machines, confirms the company’s ongoing drive to innovate.

In the opinion of David Iranzo, the managing director of GM Global Solutions, “we have evolved from being a product-oriented company to become a product and services company. This strategic decision must be accompanied by internal and external changes. The “GM Vending” brand no longer reflected the reality of a business offering global solutions that encompass much more than the actual vending machine. The new name perfectly reflects what we are today and the process of change in which we are immersed,” Iranzo explained.

Over the years, the brand has achieved great recognition in all the areas in which we operate. “For this reason, we didn’t want to completely break with the former name. Curiously, in many countries we’re known as GM, so we decided to keep that part of our identity and to add “Global Solutions” as a reflection of what we are today,” the company’s general manager indicated.

According to David Iranzo, “our intention was to give our brand and corporate image a contemporary feel, yet without losing the values of consolidation and experience that they already conveyed”.

After a meticulous study of the various alternatives and, after ascertaining the level of consolidation that the brand had already achieved on the market, the company decided to adapt to the latest trends and to offer a more contemporary image, in line with the differentiating global solutions and services offered.