InterBev has chosen the automatic dispenser from GM Global Solutions to show a revolutionary new way of dispensing medicines.

GSMA showcasedInterBeverage Services (InterBev) and their Nuddo platform at Mobile World Congress 2018to display their digital identity solutions for the healthcare sector.

Madrid, 21st march 2018. The GSMA, the trade bodyrepresenting Mobile Network Operators and the wider mobile ecosystemglobally, and organiser of the Mobile World Congress (MWC), has showcased ontheir Innovation City digital transformation proposals focused on a number of different sectors, including the field of Public and Private Healthcare.

InterBev, a company with a history of nearly three decades of experience focusing on e-commerce, where the withdrawal of a product and/or service is carried out by means of automatic dispensing, both in staffed and unstaffed environments, partnered with GSMA to address the healthcare community.

Given the increasing importance of accessing healthcare data electronically, InterBev and GSMA demonstrated the ability to use a smartphone to prove a physical or patients’ identity and access electronic health records. As a result of GSMA’s Mobile Connect framework, an individual can security and privately access their personal information by using multiple secure methods – including the use of biometrics. The use case on display proved that patients and physicians can security access a patient’s medical record, provision certain healthcare services (e.g. remote diagnosis, emergency treatments, etc) and even purchase digitally prescribed medications through an unattended vending machine. By leveraging a smartphone, a biometric and an unattended vending machine, individuals would be able to access information or pharmaceuticals anywhere; at any time – health centers, hospitals, universities, hotels, and public transportation locations.

InterBev has been responsible –via their Nuddo platform and in collaboration with GSMA and VISA (payments functionality) – for the carrying out of this ambitious project, managing instantaneously all necessary operations for the authentication of the prescription and its prescriber, verification of the patient’s identity, selection control of the prescribed medication, its payment and finally, the dispensing decision of the product. Ultimately ensuring that critical legal and business considerations are addressed – such as patient consent and compliance with all the health, commercial, and legal conditions associated with the transaction.

Regarding the physical support, InterBev has chosen the automatic dispenser from the Spanish manufacturer GM Global Solutions in the belief that it offers the ideal instrument to carry out this showcase due to its innovative, leading-edge features. GM’s device incorporates a flexible, modular system for the configuration of packaging and automatic channel detection, with or without touchscreens, monitored by a telemetric management system (GMBOS) for remote control of its functionalities.

As a result of this implementation and unique partnerships, it can be easily envisioned how Nuddo and Mobile Connect technologies, will be of benefit for current US market. Experiences such as Amazon Go and others, in addition to the goal of “justwalk out consumer experience” are driving the demand for accessing a range of products without the need of an associate intervention for shopping. InterBev, through its vast experience, brings a solution to the market that addresses this shopping experience focused on age-restricted and more highly regulated items and services such as medicines, wines & liquors, spirits, beers, cigarettes, rental car, courier packages, etc.