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A new concept for the retail sector, combining payment at the checkout with a sale through one of the automatic machines in any of our ranges, for enhanced stock control and security. Self-service kiosks, strategically positioned throughout the store, serve as an advertising platform, engaging customer interaction and encouraging impulse sales.

This system is based on a cloud server and management software for the online control of stocks and sales, ensuring an optimised sales process. It is compatible with other software solutions in the retail sector


Shrinkage control.
Age verification.
Control of high-value or exclusive products.
Privacy policy.

Applications: perfumes and eau de toilette, luxury cosmetics, alcohol, technology accessories, batteries, cigarettes, adult products, etc.

The complete automated sales solution for the Retail sector.

Credit card

GM Global Solutions offers a bank card payment solution for vending machines.

The system is certified by REDSYS, the leading company in Spain in the processing of payment transactions, and complies with market standards with regard to security, data processing, business continuity, PCI-DSS, etc. and is approved by the VISA and MasterCard brands.

The solution consists in a card reader, together with a modem, a SIM and the GMBOS telemetry service.

This solution accepts payment in automatic machines with a number of card technologies, such as magnetic stripe, EMV chip and contactless, as well as NFC mobile devices and mobile banking applications. Thanks to the GMBOS application, we can offer all the functionalities required for the remote management of the fleet of machines, in addition to real-time information on the sales made by card or in cash.

The solution also guarantees that all credit card transaction amounts are debited to customer accounts within 24 hours from the time of purchase.

Advantages of implementing card payments in vending machines:

  • Increased sales
  • No missed sales due to change starvation
  • No missed sales when customers don’t have the right change
  • Lower costs
  • Cash management
  • No imbalances during cash-ups
  • No damage caused to machines by attempted cash theft
  • Enhanced customer service and experience
  • Integration of machines with other systems: ERP, iPad, tablets, etc.
  • Retail invoicing
  • Customisation